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Dazzling Spray-Applied Textured Coating

Glitter Glaze is a proprietary, spray-applied, textured coating that adds a dazzling metallic glitter appearance to interior surfaces. We produce Glitter Glaze in liquid form and deliver it to you in ready-to-apply form. Glitter Glaze bonds to almost any surface, including drywall, concrete, fiberboard, masonry, foam, wood, paint, and cloth.

Combine Glitter and Color CHIPS to Create a Blend With Sparkle!

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Glitter Glaze is used in residential, commercial, and industrial properties as part of a remodeling project or as the original finish on new construction. Glitter Glaze is also applied as a decorative effect for arts & crafts, special events and visual merchandizing.

Colors and Textures

Glitter Glaze is available in 21 colors and two (2) textures - "regular" and "fine".


One (1) gallon or five (5) gallon pails.


One (1) gallon or five (5) gallon pails.


Glitter Glaze can be sprayed by a hopper gun, combined with - (1) a 3 h.p. electric compressor with a 20 gallon reserve tank or (2) a 5 h.p. gas compressor, with a 3/8 inch inside diameter hose. A constant pressure of 50 to 80 psi. should be maintained at the gun end of the air line.

Although Glitter Glaze has been successfully sprayed with several types and sizes of spray equipment, it is recommended that you verify the specifications and capabilities of your equipment before attempting to spray Glitter Glaze.

Surfaces should be dry, sound, and free from dust and grease. Cracks and holes should be filled. Metal surfaces should be primed with a corrosion resistant primer. If the condition of a surface is in question, pretreatment with a water-based penetreating sealer is suggested.

Glitter Glaze normally covers a surface in one coat. For smooth surfaces, a light pre-spray of Glitter Glaze is recommended before applying a finish coat.

Thickness of the Glitter Glaze application, air pressure, and spraying distance determine the smoothness and texture of the finish.